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Whether your camp is mining, researching, or in the midst of exploring, Elements ensures you and your crew feel at home with delicious menus and exceptional medics.

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The Leading Authority for Camp Catering Services in British Columbia

When you run a remote site, ensuring that your crew is properly fed to their satisfaction is one of your most important responsibilities. If you are looking for mining camp catering companies in British Columbia, look no further than the team at Elements Camp Services. We specialize in remote site camp catering, and work with a fast turnaround time, with staff on-site within 48 hours.

As the most reliable source in British Columbia for delicious, chef inspired meals that add flavor and nutrition to the diets of your camp workers, Elements Camp Services ensures that your crew feel at home. With drilling camp catering available, each meal is created from a love for the work that we do. If you are interested in learning more about our services or menus contact our team today by calling us at (800) 123-4567.


Elements Camp Services

The 4 Most Prominent Issues Within Remote Camp Life

& How Elements Resolves Them

Food That Turns The Stomach

— bland meat, soggy vegetables, dense bread…you can’t count the number of meals you’ve had in camp that were far from mouth-watering. All you want is food that lifts your mood and gives you pure enjoyment.

The Elements Solution:

We not only use quality ingredients (locally sourced when possible), we also only hire chefs who know their way around a kitchen and can conjure up delicious meals. Plus, the menu for your camp is catered to you and your crew’s unique taste.

Remote Camp Food Waste Management

Insane Amounts Of Waste

— you can’t help but wince at the mountains of waste that come from your camp’s kitchen. You want to take care of the landscape your camp rests on, not destroy it.

The Elements Solution:

Every meal that’s included in your camp’s menu is planned from a waste perspective. Meaning we always cook in a way that ensures minimal waste. As a result, there will be less things to pack in and out, which means less fuel cost!

Unfriendly Cooks + Medics

— your work is tough, and all you want when you sit down to eat is some relaxation and a chance to have a friendly conversation. But the chefs in charge of your meals are rude, stand-offish, and only make your day harder to bear. Plus, they’re far from nurturing, and you don’t feel like you’re in good hands from a medical standpoint.

The Elements Solution:

The staff we send your way are always ready with a smile and love the work they do. Each and every friendship that sparks in camp is special, and we recognize that every remote camp is its own community. When a crew feels at home and comfortable, productivity only gets better.

No Consideration For Safety

— the cooks and medics in your camp fly around without a care in the world, lifting and carrying heavy cargo improperly and leaving things where people may trip over them. Not to mention you’re always discovering fire and electrical hazards.

The Elements Solution:

All staff are thoroughly trained and certified for safety and first aid, so you can rest assured knowing that we have safety plans in place that mitigate risk and reduce harm. If something DOES happen, we deal with it efficiently and properly.

The Overall Benefits of Elements.

A warm, happy camp community that’s bolstered by good food and great medical care results in high morale, which in turn results in a productive crew. A pretty great benefit, if you ask us!

The Elements Camp Services

Camp Catering Services British Columbia

Cook & Medic

Our chefs are excellent cooks who utilize healthy, quality ingredients that are chosen for your crew’s wants and needs. They’re also medics who can take care of anything from minor everyday injuries to packaging for RTC.

Elements Camp Assistance

Camp Assistance

We can help you with your ERP (Emergency Response Plan), kitchen plan, and first aid room plan, plus we can guide you on what would work best for the size of your camp (as in, how many chefs and medics). We also provide camp management and janitorial support, if so desired.

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3 Benefits Your Camp Experiences With Elements


An Open-Kitchen Feeling

— Our chefs are approachable and easy to talk to. Need a tweak to tomorrow’s meal to help build morale? Looking for something specific in the coming week because you have someone new coming in? Let us know so we can help shape the experience for your crew.


A Menu Unique To Your Camp

— no meal is planned without first consulting the tastes and preferences of you and your crew. No menu is the same; they’re always a reflection of the camp they’re made for.


A Warm Atmosphere

— friendly staff, delicious food, laughter, clean kitchens…all of this creates an atmosphere that’s as close to home as possible.

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Hint: they ensure lower costs for your camp as a whole…

Elements Serves Camps Located In:

Northern British Columbia

Golden Triangle Canada


Northern Saskatchewan


Northwest Territories



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